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Woman Shares Inspiring Transformation Pic to Celebrate 4 Years of Sobriety

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4 Years Sober. Check Out this Young Woman’s Inspiring Photos 

Taking the first step towards addiction recovery is never an easy journey. For, 26-year old Dejah Hall, it’s been 4 years since she decided to work on clean living outside of heroin and meth. To mark her drug sobriety anniversary, she took to Facebook and shared some pics of her transformation in a post that since went viral.


Arrest and Other Lows Trigger Decision to Get Clean

In her post, she puts a recent selfie of her looking healthy and happier side by side with a photo of herself in what she referred to as a state of “full-blown addiction” and a mug shot taken on the day of her arrest four years back when she decided to clean up and embrace sobriety.

Turning to Religion for Purpose and Support with Sobriety

Raised as a Christian prior to her addiction, Hall made the claim that a big part of how she found a new direction and the strength to seek a purposeful life was by turning back to God. According to her, surrendering to him on the day of her arrest (December 12th, 2012) changed her perspective and started the kind of progress she needed.

As of December 2016, she was in the process of completing her Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in the hopes of becoming a prison minister to help other people dealing with tough situations. Now a mom to a 2 -year old, the young woman credited her religious foundation and newfound relationship with God for how far she’d come.

Visit Grandfather Sparks Breaking Point for Addict

In retrospect, she spoke about how much the drugs affected her life. She felt like a monster and was isolated from family, yet unable to care about things or people as she used to. Seeing her grandfather on his 91st birthday a few years back was a breaking point for her and looking at the person she’d become who she disliked, she made the decision to seek treatment after that day. 

Her Inspiring Message For Those Seeking Addiction Recovery

Unfortunately, she was arrested shortly after and sentenced to prison. While serving time, Hall said it was a struggle to continue with her goal to achieve a life free of drugs. However, she has been successful so far and hopes her story will inspire others. 

In an interview with the Daily Mail, she encourages other addicts not to give up their fight for sobriety and seek help because it’s out there and clean living is a possibility for everyone. 


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