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The 5 Most Addicting Prescription Drugs and Why Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Can Save Lives

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The most addictive drugs in the marketplace are terrifying because well-intentioned doctors prescribe them to patients every day. We have listed the five most addicting drugs available today. Addiction to prescription medication is common because these medications are powerful, and you must be aware before filling your prescription, even if you think your physician has your best interests in mind.

1. Vicodin

Vicodin is a painkiller used after major surgeries or to manage pain after an injury. Doctors offer this medication hoping their patients may use it long enough to overcome the intense pain they feel due to a surgery or injury, but the medication itself may become addictive even while the pain is still at its height. 

You may have seen many jokes made about it on TV and in the movies, but it is a medication that could turn addictive because you took just one or two too many.

2. Percocet

Percocet is a prescription painkiller that has found its way into the mainstream drug culture. You may have heard a famous rap song that talks about mixing Percocet with the street drug known as Molly. And although the song and others like speak lightly about drug using Percocet, abuse of this drug could be fatal. This medication may become addictive even after a single round of prescription use.

You can find this medication passed around in social circles, but you cannot take this medication outside of a prescription because it is so strong. Do not take Percocet just because you feel like getting high once. Prescription medications like Percocet are often so much stronger than street drugs that addiction can occur much faster.  

3. OxyContin

OxyContin continues the list of addictive painkillers because it was designed to attack the common pains people experience every day. Those who have been on OxyContin often have suffered high amounts of pain. The drug has been available so long that it has become a popular drug requested by patients themselves instead of recommended by physicians. 

Painkillers have been so addictive, drug makers had hoped to make something that was not so strong when formulating OxyContin. While the other drugs on this list were created specifically to reduce pain over addiction, we have not yet come to a place where addiction has stopped. It is estimated over 1 million US residents[1] over the age of 12 have taken OxyContin recreationally.

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4. Demerol

Demerol, also known as Meperidine, is the last of the painkillers on this list, but that does not make it any less terrifying. Demerol has been used for pain management for quite a long time synthetically derived back in 1939[2]. Less powerful and considered safer than Vicodin or Percocet, you cannot overuse Demerol simply because it is deemed less powerful than other drugs. 

Demerol is a word that you may have heard through popular media. You must ensure you have looked at your pain medication options before filling any prescription. Your body changes when taking medications such as Demerol. It is important for you to ask your doctor about dosage options to reduce the possibility of addiction. 

5. Ritalin

Ritalin is a medication often given to kids to aid with their Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, or ADHD. Children are prescribed Ritalin who may express feelings of anxiety or depression. There are quite a few kids who use this medication because they were given it by a therapist, but end up sharing it among their peers.

Ritalin has found its way into many schools and kids are taking Ritalin just get high because it is often the most-accessible drug option. You may think Ritalin is harmless because it helps kids behave or focus on school, but Ritalin is a drug that can become addictive quickly. Even for the child who did not receive the original prescription. 

Rehabilitation Options for Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one are taking medications for reasons other than prescribed for, there are rehabilitation options available to you. It is important you are honest with yourself when assessing someone’s drug use, including your own.

You may request prescription drug addiction treatment services when you feel as though you have been taking any of these medications for too long. Children must be taken to a specialist when they exhibit signs of addiction to a drug such as Ritalin and you must be careful of other pain medications on the market in addition to those listed here. 

Speak to Your Doctor for Help with Prescription Addiction

You may come from a family that has a history of addiction. If so, speak to your doctor about what that means for your recovery. Doctors may choose much safer options for your pain management, or they may not put your child on addictive medications like Ritalin.

Anyone who has used these drugs recreationally should not be embarrassed to get help. The most addictive drugs are so strong that most people may not have the capability of resisting them after one or two dosages.

For more information about prescription drug abuse, or to obtain help for you or a loved one, contact Ocean Hills Recovery today.





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