Orange County Rehab for Professionals

Orange County Rehab for Professionals

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Addiction is an insidious disease that does not discriminate. Intelligent, respected professionals from good backgrounds are just as susceptible as anyone else.

Perhaps your addiction may trace back to that one extra drink at happy hour. You may have asked your doctor to prescribe something for insomnia, or temporary back pain may have resulted in an opioid habit.

It doesn’t matter how you got here. Ocean Hills Recovery, an Orange County rehab for professionals, can help. We understand that attending a rehab facility as a professional can be complex due to your standing in the community and privacy is often a big concern.

We will work alongside your individualized needs and will find the right programs that will put you on the road to recovery.

Addiction Among Professionals

Leaders and entrepreneurs in all fields have unique risks for substance abuse. Professionals can struggle with a number of different stressors and challenges that can lead to developing an addiction.

In the medical community, health care professionals have patients’ lives in their hands every day. According to a 2013 survey, 69 percent of doctors and nurses admitted to abusing prescription drugs to cope with negative work-related emotions. Easy access to mood-enhancing drugs compounds their risk for addiction.

Addiction Does Not Discriminate

Airline pilots are under extreme pressure to safely deliver passengers to their destinations. They often spend nights alone away from their families. Anxiety, isolation and drugs or alcohol are a recipe for disaster.

Business owners are accountable to their investors, clients, families and communities. Most work long hours and struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Racing thoughts keep many entrepreneurs awake at night. The pressure to turn a profit, or simply stay afloat, drives many to substance abuse.

Attorneys are notorious for working up to 60 hours a week, and being a workaholic is one of the most reliable predictors of addiction. In a 2016 study of problematic drinking among lawyers, researchers concluded that hazardous, harmful drinking was more prevalent in the legal sector than in other professions. The study also noted significant mental distress among attorneys, and that’s understandable. One oversight or wrong decision could forever alter the course of a client’s life.

You may not be a medical professional, pilot, entrepreneur or attorney. However, when you are successful and well-regarded in your community, more is expected of you and there are healthier ways of coping with that kind of pressure.

Getting Help

According to researchers at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, around 20 percent of alcoholics in the U.S. are high-functioning. For now, at least, their performance on the job hasn’t suffered and their finances are intact. They haven’t been charged with DWI and their colleagues haven’t suspected a thing.

It’s only a matter of time, though, until alcohol or drug abuse spirals out of control. When that happens, their lives will suddenly be unrecognizable to them. Highly successful individuals are usually more reluctant to seek help as they’re used to being poised and in control. 

In the grip of addiction, which is a progressive brain disease, all bets are off. Getting sober and avoiding relapse is not a matter of redefining your goals, returning to your core values or exerting your willpower. Recovery calls for quality addiction treatment and long-term maintenance.

Addiction Treatment Options for Professionals

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we understand that professionals who come to us are in search of complete healing and we provide treatment options that address the needs of our clients. We are suited for licensed professionals such as entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, airline pilots and executives.

We work to establish a foundation of trust and respect with our patients. We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your physical health and emotional state to determine the severity of your addiction. We’ll explore underlying issues, such as anxiety or depression, or other triggers that lead you to turn to drugs or alcohol.

Our experienced caregivers will then design a treatment program that’s specific to your needs and relevant to your circumstances. We incorporate a variety of approaches, and our plans are always flexible.

We offer safe, on-site detox services for those who need them. Our caring staff provides physical and emotional support 24/7. The idea is to rejuvenate the body and clear the mind so that our professional clients can fully focus on their treatment.

In individual therapy, you’ll come to a better understanding of why you turn to alcohol or drugs when you are faced with challenges. Therapy exposes negative thoughts and emotional triggers that encourage addictive behavior. In time, patterns will emerge and you’ll learn to master negative thoughts and anticipate emotional pitfalls. A seasoned therapist will teach you skills for avoiding them.

Marital or family counseling goes a long way to heal broken relationships. Open discussions with other professionals are valuable as well. Group members in all stages of recovery share both setbacks and tips for success. Since other professionals have been right where you are, no one will judge your choices or your experiences.

Reclaiming Your Life Through an Orange County Rehab for Professionals

With a stable network of support in place, your chances of staying clean long term are promising.

We, along with your loved ones, clients and colleagues, share that commitment to seeing you reclaim your life and preserve your career.

Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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