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Seeking Heroin Addiction Treatment from an Inpatient Drug Rehab Program

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The U.S. continues to suffer from an epidemic of opioid misuse and addiction. Heroin is one of the opioids fueling this epidemic and shattering people’s health and quality of life. Seeking help from a San Diego inpatient drug rehab program offers help to those waning to overcome addiction to heroin.

The Effects of Heroin Addiction 

When people crave heroin and become psychologically and physically dependent on it, the effects may include the following: 

Fatal overdose.

In 2016, opioid use resulted in 2,012 overdose deaths[1] throughout California. In San Diego County, there were 91 overdose deaths[2] from heroin alone. Even people who aren’t addicted to heroin can suffer an overdose from using it a single time. 

A variety of health problems.

People who use heroin may contract serious infections, including hepatitis B and C. Long-term use can lead to liver damage, lung damage, and kidney disease. Painful abscesses and damaged veins are other possibilities. When people who are addicted to heroin neglect their other physical needs, including a nutritious diet, they may experience additional health problems. 

Psychological issues.

People who use heroin may see it as a way of coping with chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Instead of offering any lasting solutions to these problems, heroin use exacerbates them. 

Diminished quality of life.

Addiction to heroin can compromise people’s ability to work, complete their education, enjoy healthy relationships, and maintain control of their personal finances. People who use heroin also risk the chance of getting arrested and incarcerated. 

Becoming aware of these risks can be eye-opening and provide motivation for seeking heroin addiction treatment. However, to successfully fight addiction, it’s not enough for people to know about the problems resulting from heroin use. They need dedicated care delivered by professionals in a safe environment. 

How Can a San Diego Inpatient Drug Rehab Program Save Lives? 

Treatment at an inpatient program can prove helpful in a number of important ways: 

Medical care during withdrawal 

Because of the strong dependence that the body develops to heroin, the withdrawal period can be painful and dangerous. Withdrawal may lead to strong pain in the muscles, excessive sweating, delirium, volatile moods, nausea, insomnia, seizures, and other serious problems. It can also last anywhere from a week to a month. 

During an inpatient heroin rehab program, medical professionals will monitor your health and provide you with medication that can mitigate severe symptoms and make withdrawal easier to bear. Because you’ll be under supervision in a safe environment, you’ll be much less likely to suffer medical complications or start using heroin again to relieve the symptoms. 

No access to heroin 

An inpatient program keeps you away from sources of heroin. Because you’re in a regulated environment, there’s no opportunity for you to head to any of the places where you’re accustomed to using heroin, such as your home, a friend’s apartment, or a club. 

When you struggle with cravings, you’ll receive warm and dedicated support from a staff of professionals. You’ll also receive support and solidarity from the other people participating in the program. 

Insight into underlying issues 

There are multiple pathways towards heroin addiction. For example, some people turn to heroin after regularly using or developing an addiction to prescription opioid painkillers. Compelling research[3] has provided evidence of prescription opioids paving the way to heroin use. 

At an inpatient program, you’ll be dedicating your time to understanding the issues underlying your addiction. What are the major sources of stress in your life? Which feelings or situations tend to trigger cravings? Are you addicted to other drugs or feel compelled towards other self-destructive behaviors? Do you need additional therapy for mental health issues? 

A strong inpatient program will take a holistic approach that treats you as a complex individual with your own needs, strengths, and hopes. The care you receive during the program won’t be superficial and limited to your heroin use. 

Strategies for healthy living 

Once you leave the inpatient program, there’s a danger of relapse. Addiction exerts a powerful effect on the brain. Developing strategies for avoiding relapse and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be an important goal during the program. 

These strategies will be tailored to your individual needs. They may involve avoiding certain locations, joining an outpatient follow-up program, attending therapy, and building a set of healthy habits for diet, physical activity, sleep, work, and leisure. 

Fighting Heroin Addiction at a San Diego Inpatient Drug Rehab Program 

Heroin is a drug used by people from all walks of life. In recent years, its use has increased sharply[4] in a variety of demographic groups. If you’re suffering from heroin addiction, know that you aren’t alone. There is no shame in seeking treatment. 

Treatment can save your life, helping you restore your health and improve your mental and spiritual well-being. Attending a reputable inpatient program is a key step to recovering from addiction and giving yourself the tools to rebuild your life.

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