Adjusting to a Rehabilitation Home

7 Tips for Adjusting to a Rehabilitation Home

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For someone struggling with drugs and alcohol, it can be difficult to cope with residing long-term at a California addiction treatment center. Not only do they have to deal with abstaining from drugs and/or alcohol, but they also have to learn how to do this while residing in a completely different living environment. Rehab patients often feel alone and afraid because they are away from friends and loved ones.

Adjusting to Rehabilitation at Home Can Be Easier with the Right Mindset

If you are seeking rehabilitation through a drug rehab California, it is important to remain optimistic throughout the rehabilitation process and focus on what the final outcome will be” being completely free from your addiction. In order to make it through your rehabilitation process successfully, there are a few things you can do. Below are seven tips to help you successfully get through your rehabilitation at a California addiction treatment center.

Realize That the First Few Days Will Be the Most Difficult

When you first start out, you need to realize that the beginning of the rehabilitation process is going to be the most difficult part. Being nervous at the beginning is natural especially because you are suddenly in a completely new environment.

Staying positive during the first few days of being in a drug rehab California offers will dramatically increase your chances of success, as the first few days are extremely critical. In fact, they are so critical that they are often the determining factor of a patient’s success. With this in mind, it is extremely important that you go into a rehabilitation center California offers knowing that if you can make it through the first few critical days, your chances of successfully staying completely free from drugs and/or alcohol increase.

When You Are Struggling,Talk to Someone Instead of Keeping It Inside

Drug rehabilitation centers are there to help you, and this includes helping you with any struggles you are having. Rehabilitation centers provide counselors that want to help you succeed. Therefore, make sure you always talk your problems out with them.

If you are angry about something the rehabilitation center did, or upset about one of their policies, always talk to a counselor about it. They might be able to explain to you why they have these policies. If you are having withdrawals and you feel tempted to relapse, alert the staff right away that you need someone to talk with. This is what the staff and counselors are there for.

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Obtain Testimonials from Others that Have Successfully Been Through Rehabilitation

Testimonials are a wonderful thing to help encourage other patients. They let patients know that they are not alone with what they are struggling with and that they can successfully overcome their addiction. It lets them know that if someone else was able to make it through, then they can as well. Therefore, while residing in the rehabilitation center, talk with others that have successfully made it through the center’s program.

Find a Hobby

The different available activities will largely depend on which rehabilitation center you are in.  However, most have different activities that you can do to help you adapt to your new environment, as well as to help you keep a positive attitude towards rehabilitation.

Some of the various fun activities rehabilitation centers offer can include art, music, or dancing.  When you find a fun activity to work on, it can help you forget about your addictions and your new environment, as you have the pleasure of focusing on something you enjoy.


Meditation is another great practice people utilize during rehabilitation to help them succeed. Many believe meditation is a religious practice, primarily due to the fact that it is practiced in Buddhism. However, this is simply not the case. Meditation can be completely separate from Buddhism, and has many proven benefits.

One study that was conducted by Richard Davidson and Jon Kabat-Zin showed that those going through an 8-week meditation course had a significant increase in activity on the left side of the brain. The left side of the brain is associated with positive emotions. Many find that meditation relieves stress and is enjoyable. Therefore, meditation can be a positive way to cope during the time spent at a rehabilitation center.


Exercising provides many benefits. Besides looking and feeling healthier, it helps to foster a positive attitude. Studies have shown those who exercise regularly have a more positive outlook on life, and are usually more successful than those that do not exercise regularly. People that exercise have more energy as well.

Depending on your rehabilitation center’s policies and available equipment, you may be able to choose from a wide variety of ways to exercise. You may be able to choose from swimming, dancing, jogging, weight lifting, or other exercise programs and sports available.

Keep in Contact with Family and Positive Friends

Every rehabilitation center will have different policies on contact with those outside the center.  Most will usually allow writing to family, as well as having scheduled times when you can meet with your family and friends. Keeping in contact with them allows the patient to have the comfort of knowing their family and friends are positively supporting their commitment to change, which ultimately helps the patient to succeed through rehabilitation.


No one can say that successfully completing a rehabilitation center’s program is easy. A California rehab program is designed to test your will and help you overcome the addiction. It requires a lot of patience and effort on the patient’s part. The majority of rehab patients will suffer anxiety and will struggle with thoughts of leaving and relapsing. Therefore, if you have these feelings when entering a rehabilitation center, you are not alone. However, having domination over your drug and/or alcohol problem needs to be your highest priority during your time in a California rehab program. Every person’s way of coping with residing in a rehabilitation center will vary, and you should find whatever helps you the most. The seven tips provided above are commonly used methods at rehabilitation centers, and you should consider implementing them if you are in a rehabilitation program.

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