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Making the Commitment and Choosing the Best Rehabilitation Center

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The Hardest Part of Making the Commitment to Rehab

Making the commitment to rehab can be a difficult and confusing process. Here at Ocean Hills Recovery, we stand by your side every step of the way.

While it can be extremely frightening for some, taking the first step into seeking professional help through alcohol rehab can undoubtedly save one’s life.  It allows the patient to be isolated from all of their daily problems and addictions so they can focus completely on recovering from the problems alcoholism has created in their lives.  While the journey can be long for someone to become completely free from the torments of alcoholism, taking the first step by seeking professional help can completely turn an addict’s life around.

Before the Journey Begins

One cannot make a commitment to change until they firmly believe two things:

  • That their alcoholism has become a serious problem
  • That this problem has become so severe they need professional help for recovery

Until one commits to these realizations, they are destined to follow the same path they are currently on.  If you, a friend, or a loved one has a serious problem with alcohol, then admittance, as well as a desire for help, must be realized before even considering a rehabilitation center.  Convincing an alcoholic that they need help can be difficult. However, it can be done, by gently providing them with a little assistance and encouragement on a regular basis.

Choosing a Rehabilitation Center That Is Right for You

There are many distinguishing factors among the many California alcohol rehab centers available today. With such a wide variety of rehabilitation centers available, which option is best? With each individual being different, and therefore having different needs, this question can only be answered by the patient needing rehabilitation.  Because every center for alcohol rehab in California has different ways of assisting with the rehabilitation process, one must determine the best option for their personal needs. The most common factors to consider include the patient’s personal budget, the rehabilitation center’s beliefs, length of stay requirements, and rules.

Personal Budget

The costs of seeking help through a California alcohol rehab center can vary substantially.  Some rehabilitation centers are completely free, as they are not-for-profit organizations that are privately and government funded.  However, the most costly California Alcohol Rehab Centers, which are utilized by the rich and famous, can be as much as $9,000 per week.  Before considering which rehabilitation center is the best option, one must first determine how much they can afford.


Every rehabilitation center will have a different set of beliefs.  The rehabilitation center’s beliefs should match the patient’s personal beliefs as much as possible, as this can become a determining factor in helping a patient to successfully rehabilitate from alcoholism.  There are many different kinds of rehabilitation centers available, and they can be either religion- or secular-based.  Some are government operated, while others are privately owned.  Religious beliefs can affect how the rehabilitation center functions, as rules and rehabilitation procedures can be strictly based off of religious beliefs.  Because one’s personal beliefs are something they hold onto tightly, it is a good idea to match those beliefs with the rehabilitation’s center’s beliefs as closely as possible.


Length of Stay

Each long-term rehabilitation center usually has a set minimal length of stay that patients are required to commit to.  Long-term California Alcohol Rehab Centers focus strongly on isolating each patient to allow them the needed time and concentration to focus on things such as character development and learning how to become completely free from the dependency of alcohol.  However, the amount of time required for recovery varies between each rehabilitation center.  Some rehabilitation centers require residency for only a week, while others can require residency all the way up to a year.   It is important to ask about the length of stay when considering your different options. However, it is also important to understand why they have the time requirements they do. For example, one rehab center may require a long time of residency, but they may have a rigorous program each patient goes through that can substantially increase their chances of successful rehabilitation.

Make the Best Choice for Your Own Rehabilitation

While some rehabilitation centers may seem stricter than others, choosing the most lenient rehabilitation center may not be the right thing to do.  One considering a rehabilitation center should not look at the rules and requirements as restricting their personal life.  It is important to understand how the program works as a whole.  For example, many rehabilitation centers set strict rules because they are attempting to isolate their patients from all possible distractions, which allows them to focus on becoming stronger during the rehabilitation process.  Those that have already sought help through a rehabilitation center and relapsed should strongly consider choosing a rehabilitation center that follows a more disciplined approach.  The most important factor to consider is whether one believes they will be able to walk away completely free from alcoholism.  Therefore, that should be one’s ultimate goal when considering which rehabilitation center is best.



While rehabilitation through a rehab center can be both costly and time consuming, it can provide those suffering from alcoholism an opportunity to walk away completely free.  Each patient is different, and will have different requirements to consider when choosing the best rehabilitation center for them.  The patient’s personal budget, along with understanding how the center operates with its rules and beliefs, should be part of the consideration process when choosing the best rehabilitation center.

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