Addiction Recovery and Self-Renewal

California Drug Rehab

As California’s premier addiction recovery center, Ocean Hills Recovery continues to pioneer progressive and comprehensive treatment models, helping to free countless people from the anguish of substance use and any co-occurring disorders. Through respect for the individual, a reverence for life, and unwavering belief in the promise of every human being, Ocean Hills Recovery offers a life-changing opportunity of recovery to anyone who walks through our doors.

Our innovative California drug rehab treatment model is based on holistic principles that treat the whole person, as well as utilizing proven medical and mental health interventions. With the help of experienced addiction professionals and a group of peers who share similar struggles, you’ll learn skills for a healthy, sober lifestyle. We offer residential programs for adults and specialized programs for adolescents and women.

Safe, structured environment.

Ocean Hills Recovery offers a safe, structured environment in which patients are removed from stressful circumstances that promote or fuel the urge to use. Because negatively influencing factors are removed from a patient’s daily experience, participants in our California drug rehab residential program can begin to work on building life skills that had been interfered with due to addiction. 

Personalized treatment approach.

We believe that the journey of individual wellness and recovery starts with personal choice. We partner with you and help you create your personal path to a more fulfilling and independent life by looking at each dimension of your life through a fresh lens. Highly personalized assessments, treatment plans, and community and experiential interventions help you explore each dimension of your unique world and find choices and opportunities previously out of reach.


An intervention is a structured method of assisting an individual who has resisted others’ previous attempts to help them treat a drug or alcohol problem. An intervention’s objective is to confront a person in a non-threatening way so they see their self-destructive behavior and how it affects them, family, and friends. Our interventions are professionally facilitated by interventionists with expertise in drug and alcohol counseling and specialist intervention training.


At the outset of the recovery process, you may be required to undergo our structured detox program prior to the commencement of the addiction treatment period. Detox focuses on allowing substances to clear from the body and stabilizing the person throughout the withdrawal process. Medications will be frequently be used to assist with the withdrawal process, especially in cases of severe dependency or addiction to more than one substance. 

Beyond Detox: The Road to Lasting Sobriety!

Once in rehab, patients and families find the recovery process is about much more than one person’s abstinence from drugs or alcohol. The process of recovery is a process of self-discovery and family reunification. That’s why, after successfully undergoing a medically supervised detoxification, our patients are seamlessly integrated into an appropriate ongoing recovery program specifically tailored to the unique needs of each individual. 


Our psychotherapy program is used not only used to treat addictive behavior, but it is also used to identify and treat the underlying emotional and psychological issues that can contribute to addiction. Over 65% of individuals with substance abuse disorder are also self-medicating for depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, grief, or some other psychological or psychiatric ailment. Our program is designed to provide treatment for such concurrent disorders. Our psychotherapeutic approaches include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on one’s thoughts or cognitions, belief systems and expectations in order to empower change and help clients better learn to cope with feelings. CBT says that when an action or event occurs, we interpret it based on our thoughts, beliefs or expectations of that event. Thus we can work to identify and challenge deeply embedded and damaging irrational beliefs, which can greatly influence our emotional stability.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a type of psychotherapy that helps you accept the difficulties. ACT theorizes that the greater well-being can be attained by overcoming the negative thoughts and feelings that may have built up from past experiences. During ACT, behaviors and thought processes are taken a close look into and then to assist you in reducing avoidant coping styles. 

12-Step Based Therapy.

If you need addiction therapy that will give you a blueprint towards life-long recovery, our 12-Step based therapy program will give you the structure, support, and tools you need to address your addiction and help you to maintain your sobriety after you completing treatment.

Recreational therapy.

Recreational therapy involves physical recreation that helps you improve your physical health. Recreational therapy will include things like physical fitness at a gym, or team sports such as basketball. Physical recreation could prove to be just what you need to get clean and stay clean. 


The sole purpose of aftercare is to ensure the transformation that happened during the rehabilitation process endures. Aftercare involves taking steps to ensure that the skills learned during rehabilitation become a part of everyday life.


Drug rehabilitation isn’t a vacation, and we’re not trying to paint it as one. However, recovery is much easier when you’re comfortable. Expect to have a cozy bed, warm and personal touches throughout your room, a private bathroom, and plenty of natural light. Patients tidy up their own living spaces and can use the onsite laundry facilities. Retaining these real-world responsibilities during treatment helps to ease the transition out of rehab.

Your new life, free from addiction starts with just one call.

Facing your problem is the very first step toward defeating drug addiction but for millions of people who are physically addicted to dangerous drugs, simply facing the addiction just isn’t enough– medical intervention, support, counseling, and aftercare are necessary to build a foundation for recovery.

Just like a lotus flower can rise out of the murky waters and bloom out of the darkness, you too can rise above. Overcome drug addiction, take back your life, and elevate yourself! Talk to us now 866-303-2444.