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How to Make Your Decision to Attend a Residential Treatment Center

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Look for Expert Care and a Supportive Environment for Successful Recovery

It takes courage to decide that you need help. Denial is one of the most common facets of substance abuse and addiction, and coming to terms with the reality that one needs help is a tremendous step. The first step that one should take after admitting that one has a problem with alcohol or drugs is to decide on what method of treatment is best. The success of recovery can hinge upon the kind of help that one receives in the early stages of treatment. For many people, residential care is the right answer. There are a number of California residential treatment centers to choose from, and many decide that Ocean Hills Recovery is the right choice. 

Taking Time Out for Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment

There are a few people who receive adequate treatment for substance abuse and manage to stay sober in an outpatient setting. However, the majority of people struggling with addiction feel that life stressors are a contributing factor in their drug and alcohol abuse and may decide that residential treatment is the best option. With the greater acceptance of the issue of drug and alcohol treatment, fewer people nowadays feel that they are compromising their career and reputation by checking in to residential treatment centers in California. In many cases, it is possible to receive a medical leave from work to engage in a 30, 60 or 90 day residential care program.

A Few Benefits of Residential Recovery for Substance Abuse

In many cases of addiction, residential treatment is required, because withdrawal symptoms may be too dangerous to handle without proper medical care. Even those whose withdrawal symptoms are not significantly powerful to pose an actual danger, there are a number of benefits to choosing California residential treatment centers for a firm footing in the initial recovery stages. Work, family and financial pressures are often cited as contributing factors to drug and alcohol addiction. Inpatient care removes these stressors and allows the individual to take the first steps toward recovery without these headwinds. In addition, residential recovery provides around the clock medical treatment services and various types of counseling for comprehensive care. Residential recovery gives participants:

  • Freedom from life’s pressures
  • Focused care
  • Medical attention
  • Around the clock treatment
  • A Comprehensive Approach to Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Every individual who enrolls in residential treatment centers in California has a different history and life circumstances. Therefore, no one approach to treatment is suitable for every single person who comes through the doors of a residential treatment facility. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we can tailor make a program that is right for you and addresses your needs. Some approaches to therapy may be perfect for some people, but may not be as effective for others. When you check in to our residential facility, you have options regarding the care you receive. Perhaps you may want to focus on individual therapy rather than family counseling or prefer to voice your concerns and have the support of a group. We provide a comprehensive approach to recovery that can include a combination of the following:

  • 12 Step programs
  • Group therapy
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Life Skills sessions
  • Family therapy

What to Expect from a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility

When patients first arrive at California residential treatment centers, there is an immediate evaluation by professionals. They receive crucial medical attention and tests, such as blood tests to determine any damage that may have been done by drugs and alcohol. Doctors will ask questions about medical history and use of alcohol and drugs. Decisions are made regarding the need for medication and what physical requirements a patient may have. After the initial phase, it is important to stabilize the patient and provide a combination of medical and psychological treatments to give full support. Patients at Ocean Hills Recovery enjoy nutritious meals, treatment to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, and various forms of therapy that give full support during the crucial initial phases of recovery. 

The Importance of Having Dual-Diagnosis Experts at a Residential Facility

The best residential treatment centers in California have programs and experts who deal with dual diagnosis, and Ocean Hills is no exception. Professionals are increasingly becoming aware that dealing only with a drug and alcohol addiction in some cases may simply be scratching the surface in patients who have an underlying issue that encourages them to misuse these substances. It has been found that in the majority of cases involving the treatment of psychological issues, drug and alcohol abuse plays a role. People with affective or personality disorders may find solace in drugs and alcohol and may use these substances instead of the right medication. They may want to avoid the side effects associated with their regular medications, or may not be aware they have a problem. Ocean Hills Recovery performs a full assessment of all participants to determine whether dual treatment is required. If a participant receives a dual diagnosis, he or she will be treated for the psychological issue as well as for substance abuse. 

Follow-Up Care Provides Tools for Recovery Success

After one has completed the course of treatment in an inpatient setting, the story is not over, but it has just begun. The transition into daily life from a residential care facility can be a challenging one and that is the reason Ocean Hills Recovery has substantial follow-up care to help patients stay sober and approach life with a renewed outlook. Patients leaving residential programs may participate in group and individual therapy as well as family counseling to help loved ones make recovery easier. In addition, there is an option to participate in programs that provide family-syle homes for those who have recently been in inpatient recovery centers. This living situation helps the patient transition from a detoxification and recovery in a controlled setting to independent living and a new lifestyle of sobriety. 

The Best Choice for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

When given a choice between California residential treatment centers, Ocean Hills Recovery is a leader. We provide diverse options of care with expert medical staff, psychotherapists and counselors. Our staff evaluates each patient and recommends a program of therapy and treatment that suits the individual. In addition, Ocean Hills Recovery provides follow-up care for those who have participated in our residential programs. Group therapy, individual therapy and life skills classes are just a few of the resources we provide to those committed to recovery. 

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