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Celebrities and Addiction – Carrie Fischer’s Potent Cocktail Ends in Disaster

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Star Wars Famous Carrie Fischer Found Dead After Accidental Overdose

The reality is unnerving. With today’s highly potent prescription and street drugs, anybody, under the right conditions, can become addicted. Drugs and alcohol are readily available today and they don’t discriminate in the lives they take. It’s impossible to call yourself safe from the threats of substance abuse, even if you’ve never previously used it before.

Celebrities and famous personalities are no exception. Their fame and fortune often lead to dangerous life decisions. Whether it’s an excess of money and nothing to spend it on or a dissatisfaction with life at the top of the payroll, more and more celebrities continue to turn to drugs and alcohol to fill the void.

Maybe they have more expendable income to burn or maybe it’s that when you’re a star, normal life isn’t as exciting. It just doesn’t compare to the big screen.

Some are willing participants and some are unwillingly drawn because of their acquaintances. Many become cautionary stories for news agencies and it’s these benders that inevitably lead to their downfall.

If celebrity personalities who seemingly have all the pieces put together can get their lives turned upside down, it’s easy to imagine how everyday people can too.

In fact, the average person is more vulnerable to succumb to addiction. The perceived release and “highs” associated with chemical dependency will alter your perspective and create a sense of need.

Another Celebrity Caution Story – Carrie Fischer

Well-loved Carrie Fischer, famous for her role in “Star Wars,” was found a few days following the release of her latest film dead after overdosing from a cocktail of potent drugs. She shocked millions with her death. Toxicology reports point out the cause of death as a lethal combination of drugs including opioids and cocaine.

Fischer battled her own internal demons from an early age. She used marijuana at 13 and graduated to heavier drugs in her early 20s.  Fischer reportedly used prescription drugs such as anti-depressants and anxiety related substances for emotion regulation as well.

Fischer went to rehab after suffering from a drug overdose in 1985 but unfortunately, she admittedly couldn’t stay away from her substances for long.

A very positive thing that Fischer did was she used her notoriety to promote awareness. She gave speeches on mental health and drug abuse, hoping to strike a chord with people. She found many avenues to share her struggles in hope that it may help others overcome their own personal demons. She wrote books, gave talks and produced shows to spread the message. She made mental illness and substance abuse her battleground. She won several battles against substance abuse but unfortunately succumbed to her addictions during her final binge.

Fischer’s death may have come as a surprise, but her death can prove to be a rallying point for others to promote awareness on the importance of rehab and treatment in a recovering addict’s life.

Professional Assistance for Addiction

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