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New Medicaid Waiver Expected to Keep Rehabs Busy

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Millions of people suffer from substance abuse and other addictions. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, the truth is hard to overlook, a lot of people need help to curb their addiction.

There is another uncomfortable truth. Recovering from an addiction with professional help can be expensive for families. Rehabbing a patient from detox to sobriety requires many highly qualified staff members and it’s a huge amount sacrifice for the patient to uproot themselves from home and spend time at an inpatient facility.

However, the recent waiver of a Medicaid rule makes addiction treatment easier and more accessible to people who need it most.

The First Steps to Recovery

As a concerned family member, you are in a key position to getting your loved one to treatment. During the intervention process, it’s critical that you make your addicted loved one realize that there is a problem, it’s affecting those around them and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get help.

As soon as they realize they need to change, you can immediately take them to treatment. There are 30, 60 and 90-day rehabilitation programs available.

The problem is, a major block in their road to recovery has become funding their treatment. When families reach this crucial point, the reality to the costs of an inpatient treatment program hit hard.

Great News for Recovery – The Medicaid Waiver

In the past, California rehabilitation costs were steep for a full 90-day cycle and rehabilitation facilities could also only offer a maximum of 16 beds because of an old Medicaid inclusion. This resulted in lower income families not getting a proper rehabilitation service.

Now, waiving the Medicaid waiver inclusion opens more beds for people who desperately need them. The decades-old rule prevented and limited federal funding for treatment. With the rule now removed, people from low-income families will finally have access to the treatment they need. Millions of dollars in federal funding will be available and treatment centers can now offer services to more people who need their assistance.

As more and more states seek to address the issue, hope continues to rise for recovering addicts in need of rehabilitation and treatment.

Professional Help for Addiction Treatment

Ocean Hills Recovery, we offer professional help for addicts trying to take the next step in recovery. We take people in and rehabilitate them from detox to long-term sobriety. Our goal is for them to become better versions of their previous selves and to live long, fulfilling lives.

Contact OHR at (866)303-2444 to help you start your recovery, today! 

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