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Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center for Addiction Recovery

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Ocean Hills Recovery offers the best possible means to treat cocaine addiction successfully. Experience step by step recovery process to regain your life.

Get Your Confidence and Integrity Back with Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Ocean Hills Recovery offers a cocaine addiction treatment program designed for people who are struggling to break free from cocaine dependence. The most widely abused major stimulant in America, cocaine is involved in more emergency room visits than any other drug. Despite its lack of physical withdrawal symptoms, such as those caused by heroin or alcohol addiction, cocaine is highly addictive psychologically and its abuse can have devastating consequences over time.

Effects of Cocaine Addiction

The immediate effects of cocaine are intense and often very pleasurable in nature: users generally experience euphoria, increased alertness and concentration, decreased appetite and fatigue, heightened self-esteem and increased sociability, even diminished sensitivity to pain and feelings of great power and strength sometimes called “cocainomania.” It is this “on top of the world” feeling that causes people to become addicted, although larger doses may cause paranoia, anxiety, restlessness, irritability, and even hallucinations or cocaine psychosis.

The physical consequences of cocaine abuse can be dire in both the short and long term. Many cocaine-related emergency room visits are precipitated by severe headache, tachycardia, hypothermia (increased body temperature), hypertension (high blood pressure), seizure, or stroke, and can result in coma or in some cases death. Regular use causes damage to the nasal passages; drying, crusting, irritation, nosebleeds and chronic sinusitis are particularly common. Erosion of the septum is a hallmark of prolonged cocaine abuse – the infamous “coke nose.”

Cocaine addiction is a very serious condition that is almost always treated on an inpatient basis. Ocean Hills Recovery recognizes the unique difficulty of each individual’s circumstances, and we therefore provide each person with a customized approach to cocaine drug addiction treatment, while ensuring that everyone who comes through our doors receives the respect and compassion they deserve. In addition to structured group and one-on-one therapy programs, relapse prevention training, medically supervised detox, and various other supportive treatment services, we offer yoga classes, art therapy, home-cooked meals, and access to our fitness center, free airport pickup and more. We know that addiction doesn’t end when treatment does, and we understand that long-term support is a critical part of long-term recovery. After completing the cocaine treatment program at Ocean Hills Recovery, individuals may choose to live in one of our sober living homes among others who are recovering from addiction, where they will receive guidance and support from a member of Ocean Hills Recovery’s staff.

Ocean Hills Recovery has been the first step towards reclaiming many lives from the perils of addiction. If you or someone you love is suffering from cocaine addiction, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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