California Drug and Alcohol Program

California Drug and Alcohol Program

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Succeed in Achieving Sobriety with Our Tested Drug and Alcohol Programs in California

Our inpatient drug and alcohol program is structured to meet the needs of every individual seeking treatment for substance abuse and addiction. 

What are the signs that your usage of alcohol or other chemicals is no longer recreational, no longer benign, no longer under your control, and that you need to seek a drug and alcohol program?

If you are no longer functioning properly during work, at play, or in family life, that is a strong sign that you need help. Lowered performance, lateness, or absence from work or school indicates that you had a dependency that is adversely affecting your life, as does neglecting your kids. As well as these more obvious dysfunctions, less drastic signs like drifting away from friends and family or strained relationships with them indicate a problem. Even something as simple as letting go of a formerly beloved hobby or activity suggests that your personality is being affected for the worse by substance abuse. If you feel the need to hide your usage from friends and family, that is also a bad sign. Of course, if you use alcohol and drugs in situations where doing so presents an actual physical danger, such as while driving, operating machinery, or performing other risky tasks requiring physical dexterity, there is no question that you have a problem. Most importantly, if you feel you NEED the substance to function, to feel good, or to get up in the morning – then you have a dangerous addiction.

Whatever the substance(s) that plagues you, Ocean Hills Recovery has a drug & alcohol program tailored to fit your needs as an individual. Ocean Hills Recovery uses a unique collaborative approach that employs exercise and nutrition to repair and restore the damage done to one’s body by substance abuse, while simultaneously treating the underlying psychological problems that lead to addiction in the first place. Ocean Hills Recovery teaches clients to embrace life by building their sense of self-worth and joy, which helps patients get clean and sober, and more importantly, stay clean and sober for the rest of their lives.

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