Drug Rehab Dana Point Looks at Rates of Addiction in California

Rates of Addiction in California

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Substance abuse and addiction in California affect the lives of those with substance use disorders and the loved ones around them. In these perilous times, more people than ever are turning to alcohol and other drugs in an effort to cope with all that is going on in the world and in their lives. In the last two decades, the rates of addiction in California have been on the rise, with more people seeking treatment from drug rehab Dana Point.[1]

Now more than ever, it is important for those suffering from substance abuse disorders to get help from a trusted rehabilitation center to help get control of their addiction and get on with their lives.

Common Drugs That Lead to Addiction in California

The kinds of abused drugs that lead to addiction in California are similar to states around the nation.

Alcohol abuse is more common than any other kind of substance abuse by almost double. While 3% of California residents have problems with illicit drugs, 6% met the criteria for dependence on alcohol.[1]

The following are the most commonly used and abused substances in the state of California:

Effective Treatment Programs for Drug Rehab Dana Point

At Ocean Hills Recovery, a dedicated staff of rehabilitation and treatment professionals provides a wide range of effective treatment programs for alcohol and drug rehab Dana Point. Personalized programs run by a staff of counselors help you live a balanced life that you can enjoy for many years to come.

If you are dealing with an addiction in California, to say your life is in danger is no understatement. The emotional, physical, and economic toll that accompanies alcohol and drug abuse often destroys lives and families. By catering treatment plans, you will be able to break the destructive cycle of substance abuse.

Treatment plans available at Ocean Hills Recovery Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center include:

12-Step Alcohol Treatment Programs

Alcohol abuse is one of the nation’s most pervasive public health problems. Alcohol addiction in California has been slightly higher than the national averages with 7.3% of people over the age of 11 suffering from alcohol abuse or dependency problem, compared to 6.7% of Californians.[2]

Proven 12-step treatment programs for alcohol addiction in California have been effective for many years. It is known to help identify and correct the behaviors that lead to binge drinking and regular excessive consumption of alcohol.

Drug Treatment Programs

Ocean Hills Recovery puts the emphasis on California drug treatment programs that help you rediscover yourself and a return to living a happy life, free of the shackles from drug addiction. Our personalized treatment options are powerfully honest and compassionate with a clear understanding of the dynamics and pain of being addicted to illicit drugs.

A little over 3% of people struggle with illicit drug addiction in California, including substances such as methamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, LSD, and heroin.[1] Entering a treatment center for drug rehab Dana Point allows those with addictions to drugs the chance to remove themselves from codependent relationships and other temptations used to continue fueling the addiction. Counselors offer guidance to navigate through the process of detoxing and getting clean.

Intervention Services

Alcohol and drug addiction in California is a powerful force that is often shielded by denial and secrecy. Loved ones who suffer from addiction are often not aware of the immense toll their actions have on those closest to them. Most are not even consciously aware of their addiction. Intervention services at Ocean Hills Recovery allow light to shine on the darkest truths and facts of their disease.

The most important thing a loved one can do for someone in the throes of addiction is to educate themselves. By learning more about addiction and its effects, they will better understand how to support a loved one. Concerns will be shared honestly, openly, and freely. This leads to the greatest amount of support to help your loved one overcome their addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Programs

Ocean Hills Recovery offers a unique approach to the concept of dual diagnosis treatment. We combine social, medical, spiritual, and psychological intervention methods that yield the best chances for recovery success. A process of “collaborative recovery” involves a combination of therapists, physicians, and loved ones creating a safe and nurturing environment to begin to heal.

Intensive Outpatient

Each case of addiction in California is different, requiring a customized approach. The intensive outpatient program at Ocean Hills Recovery allows patients access to the most effective therapies and counseling while living outside of the rehab facility. The benefits of our outpatient treatment programs include:

  • Maintaining regular routine
  • Teaches real-life coping skills
  • A higher level of privacy
  • Less expensive than inpatient treatment options

Inpatient Treatment or Partial Hospitalization

For many who are struggling with addiction in California, a more intensive and aggressive treatment option may be required. The patient would need to spend extended time in the residential treatment facility. In more extreme cases, a partial hospital stay may be essential. Here, they will receive 24-hour care in a healing environment with supportive professionals.

Contact Ocean Hills Recovery Today

If you are among the millions of people struggling with alcohol or drug addiction in California, you can find the help you need at Ocean Hills Recovery drug rehab Dana Point. Contact a treatment specialist and begin your road to recovery today.



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