Dual Diagnosis San Diego Increases Long-Term Recovery: Drug Detox Is Not the End of Treatment

Drug Detox Is Not the End of Treatment. Dual Diagnosis Treatment Increases Long-Term Recovery

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So many individuals suffering from drug or alcohol addiction often think to themselves, “if I could just get off the drugs, I’d be able to get myself together.” This is a common thought many people have upon entering a San Diego drug detox before learning about dual diagnosis. San Diego is fortunate to have industry-leading recovery centers to help those achieve long-term sobriety success.

The Two Sides of Addiction

Sobriety is not solely about physical dependency. When the last traces of drugs leave your system, the psychological effects are still there. Namely, the problems that ultimately led someone to develop an addiction in the first place.

Learning how to cope with the underlying causes of substance abuse, as well as finding alternatives to self-medicating, are critical aspects of treatment that promote long-term recovery. This is the role of dual-diagnosis treatment. A holistic approach to treating both the physical and mental aspects of drug addiction significantly increases the success rates.

Detox is Preparation

Before you can run a marathon, you must be able to run a mile. If you just take off sprinting, you’ll run out of steam pretty fast, and most likely wind up with an injury that could have been prevented if only you’d known about the right preventative measures.

Addiction recovery, like any major goal, isn’t achieved in one attempt. There are multiple stages that must be taken in order to build up your endurance for the many miles ahead. San Diego drug detox centers understand this and continue to work tirelessly to address the drug epidemic in the state.

Drug abuse is on the rise. In California, 5.3 people per 100,000 (1) die from an opioid overdose. Many may never be fully rid of the desire to use drugs or the tendency to get hooked on things that bring them pleasure. In fact, many people who do not adequately treat their underlying mental health problems find themselves overcoming one addiction only to fall quickly into another.

Some may say alternative addictions are choosing the “lesser of two evils.” But that does not set anyone up for a positive future. In order to stay sober, one must understand where your sense of control comes from. It’s not from the drugs in your system. Control lies in your own mind, the deepest part of you that learns how to recognize where impulses and desires come from and know how to resist.

San Diego drug detox is the first step in giving you the clarity you need to start asking bigger questions. Knowing the “whys” that have led up to your substance abuse are important. Learning how to heal from experiences, emotions and possibly even mental illnesses that contributed to your addiction is the only way to stay sober going forward.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Clinical depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are some of the most common conditions that put people at a higher risk of using substances to manage symptoms. When an individual has a mental illness and substance use disorder, they have what is known as a “dual diagnosis.” San Diego treatment facilities tackle more than just their addiction. They will also help their clients understand and recover from their mental health problems.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (2) reports that 9.2 million adults in the United States had both a substance abuse problem and mental illness in 2018. Outdated models of treatment tackled addiction first and mental health second. Today, quality rehabs understand the connection between the two and the importance of treating both at the same time.

After you go through detox, the next step is entering a treatment program that adopts a holistic approach. Treating the whole person, including their mental health and physical wellness, are just as important as helping them overcome addiction.

Seeking a Solution

Those who have suffered from addiction must build up the skills they need to make better choices. In doing so, they’re far less likely to return to drugs as a solution. This is the impact of dual diagnosis. San Diego area medical and treatment facilities are here to help. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, contact your local hospital or speak with one of our professionals at Ocean Hills Recovery.


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