Beating the Mental Health Stigma with Dual Diagnosis California

Beating the Mental Health Stigma with Dual Diagnosis California

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The majority of people with mental health disorders in California never get treatment. Even though the government offers public services for mental health and substance abuse, fewer than 40 percent[1] of individuals who suffer from mental illness receive any type of care. Mental Health America[2] ranks California 31st out of 50 states for access to mental health care. The access measures include access to insurance, access to treatment, quality and cost of insurance, access to special education, and workforce availability. Dual diagnosis California treatment options create constructive recovery opportunities for people who suffer from psychological illness and substance abuse disorders in the state.

Making Mental Health Care Accessible in California

Lawmakers in San Francisco[3] are trying to combat the problem of inadequate mental health care and find ways to make it easier for the community to get the mental health services that they need. In June, a motion was introduced to charge companies whose CEOs earn 100 times the median income of their employees an extra 0.1 percent gross receipt tax. The tax would subsidize a mental health service that would operate around the clock and offer instant care to citizens in crisis.

Even though there are laws in place[4] to prevent insurance providers from limiting coverage for mental health care, many patients have to fight with their private insurance carriers[5] to get benefits. Some patients turn to the Medi-Cal program for low-income residents because it’s more advantageous for people with mental health disorders.

Federal legislation exists to prevent discrimination from happening. But people with mental health issues struggle to get the help that they need. They are often saddled with pre-authorization requirements or rejected because their treatment is not medically necessary. Early intervention is key, and many clinics in California aim to give patients the skills, resources, and support to create a better life. Programs such as the one that has been proposed in San Francisco could help people get on the road to recovery quickly.

Why Mental Health is Important

Mental health doesn’t just play a role in how happy you are. It influences every aspect of your life, including the following:

  • Your interactions with others
  • The decisions that you make
  • Your productivity at work
  • The way that you handle stress
  • Your physical health

Mental illness affects people of every age group, including children. People who don’t receive adequate care can develop unhealthy responses to stress and overwhelm. They may try to self-medicate by using substances such as drugs and alcohol. More than 25 percent of adults with mental illness[6] also suffer from a substance abuse disorder.

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Seeking Dual Diagnosis California Treatment Without Stigma

Unfortunately, the stigma that is associated with mental illness and addiction prevents many patients from seeking care. Some argue that it also hinders insurance companies from adequately covering people who struggle with these conditions.

People who are dealing with substance abuse disorder cannot be treated in a vacuum. Their physical and mental health concerns must be addressed at the same time. In rehab, patients with substance abuse disorders are often monitored as they go through detox, and as they continue down the road to recovery to make sure that they’re nourished and thriving. The same attention must be placed on their mental health needs.

In some cases, psychological illness drives people to use drugs. In other instances, substances change the chemistry of the brain, causing a mental health disorder. Regardless of which problem came first, it’s essential to treat both issues simultaneously.

Dual diagnosis California treatment helps people understand the basis of their addiction and process the emotions that are associated with their disease. This type of care does more than make problems disappear; it gives people and their families the resources for pursuing a fulfilling life. Too often, patients float around the system, receiving insufficient care that doesn’t get to the heart of their condition.

Dual Diagnosis California Treatment 

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we know that your addiction or mental health disorder is not a reflection of weakness or immorality. We help combat the stigma by offering dual diagnosis California treatment as well as other evidence-based care for individuals who are ready to kick their addiction once and for all.

Our team of licensed professionals will walk you through your journey so that you can finally find hope and success in recovery. Call us today to find out how you can get the help that you need.

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