Naloxone Alone Isn't Enough - Why Heroin Rehab in California is Crucial to Successful Recovery

Naloxone Alone Isn’t Enough – Why Heroin Rehab in California is Crucial to Successful Recovery

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Naloxone may have earned its reputation as a miracle drug. As the active ingredient in Narcan, Naloxone is capable of reversing potentially fatal opioid overdoses. Even if the person’s breathing stops as a result of the overdose, Naloxone binds so rapidly with opioid receptors in the brain that it can restore normal breathing quickly enough to prevent significant damage.[1] There is no argument that Naloxone saves lives. However, Naloxone treatment isn’t enough. For many Californians who suffer overdose after overdose, heroin rehab in California is the crucial missing ingredient in their long-term recovery.

Why Isn’t Treatment with Naloxone Enough for People Who Have Had an Opioid Overdose?

By the time a person has had an overdose from opioid use, it’s safe to say that their addiction has progressed to a very severe level.

While some overdoses do happen due to tainted or laced drugs, many occur because a person has continuously used opioids for so long that they need larger and larger doses to receive the same effect.

Dangers of Trying to Quit Heroin Without Rehab

Trying to quit heroin without the help of rehab may compound the dangers. Unfortunately, many highly addicted people accustomed to large doses stop using for a time (for example, if they try to detox and quit). If they restart (as one would during a relapse), that higher dose is no longer necessary because the body has become more sensitized to the drug during the break. If they still take a higher dose, an overdose may occur.[2]

For many people, an overdose where Naloxone is necessary serves as a wake-up call that their current lifestyle isn’t safe or sustainable. The next step is often to try and quit again. This can perpetuate the cycle if that person doesn’t have the necessary resources to succeed over the long haul.

Naloxone only treats an overdose at the moment; it does not affect a person’s addiction recovery over the long term. If someone has tried to quit using opioids on their own, relapsed, and overdosed, it’s clear that person needs some additional help.

How Can Heroin Rehab in California Make the Difference?

Recovering from opioid addiction is a process known for its challenges. Going it alone is not an easy thing to do for most people who struggle with addiction. Even if their willpower is strong, often outside circumstances and their environments set the stage for a future relapse whenever a weak moment presents an opportunity.

Heroin rehab in California provides a controlled environment where patients recover and learn how to live a life free of opioids.

At Ocean Hills, you can expect comprehensive services that take you through every stage of your recovery process:

It’s important not to underestimate the help that ongoing, long-term care provides.

For many people recovering from heroin addiction, detoxing is only the first step. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process of maintaining a clean, sober lifestyle. For many, the challenges of daily life and your environment creep back in even after the drugs clear your system. A support network of a heroin rehab in California could make the difference between long-term success and a potential relapse.

If You’re Looking Into Heroin Rehab in California, Contact Ocean Hills Recovery

Don’t let your past overdose become the first of many. Naloxone may not be available quickly enough next time.

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