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Oxycontin Addiction Treatment at Ocean Hills Recovery

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Oxycodone addiction treatment at Ocean Hills Recovery not only helps you overcome the physical and emotional bondage of addiction, but also in teaches you the necessary skills you need to succeed in a new, substance free lifestyle.

Ocean Hills Recovery for Your Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

There are a surprising number of patients that have become addicted to OxyContin over time. Incidents of addiction are on the upswing, as more of this beneficial, but often misused pain reliever finds its way into unscrupulous hands. This drug does provide a high rate of relief for a number of pain issues, but it is also highly addictive. The effects of kicking the habit can vary from one individual to another, but in its worst case scenario, it is extremely difficult to accomplish without help. Attempts to stop these potent addictive substances “cold turkey’ can have serious downsides. Ocean Hills Recovery can help you with your OxyContin addiction treatment.

Ocean Hills Recovery was established to help addicts kick their habit and set a sustainable course to recovery. We offer a comprehensive program that can help the patients with their mind and body. Even though their body is free from chemical substance, it is also important for our patients to recovery with their mind as well to ensure high recovery success rate. The staff and counselors take on each patient as an individual and guide him or her through our 12-step process toward full recovery. Our staffs expertly delve into the underlying causes of the addiction problem while working with the patient to eliminate the root causes. The withdrawal period is closely supervised by the highly attentive medical staff and is conducted in a way that has the least complications and discomfort for recovering addicts.

By using a regimen of group meetings along with individual counseling sessions, the process is quite successful. There is a strong evidence of its success in the comments and references posted by former patients on our testimonial page. Contact us today and learn more about the OxyContin addiction treatment or any other treatment we offer here at Ocean Hills Recovery, one of the leading California drug treatment rehabs.

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