Ben Affleck Completes Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

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Affleck Calls Rehab Stay His First Step to Positive Recovery

In a Facebook post in early March this year, Ben Affleck revealed to fans that he had just completed treatment for alcohol addiction. Most people were unaware the 44-year old actor still dealt with this disease since he last sought treatment in 2001. Citing his family and friends as the main inspiration for his decision to re-enter alcohol rehab, Affleck stated that addiction was something he had dealt with over the years and plans to continually confront with help.

Loved Ones Inspire Decision to Enter Alcohol Rehab

His revelation and honesty about his motives were heartwarming. According to Affleck, his desire to live a fulfilling life and be the best possible father he could be sparked the realization that he needed to seek help. The actor filed for divorce with his wife and partner of 10 years, Jennifer Garner in April 2017. In his post, he gave the mom of his kids some well-deserved credit for her incredible support in these trying periods. 

Dispelling the Stigma of Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

Speaking up to inspire young people such as his kids, Affleck said he wanted people who might be in similar situations to know that there is no reason to feel ashamed about the need for help with recovery or the long process of getting back to where you want to be. His openness about his alcohol abuse, a topic around which there is still so much stigma in America, was refreshing to see from a Hollywood actor at the top of his game.

Spotlight on Team Garner-Affleck

Affleck unofficially split from his wife in 2015. Since then, the couple has remained friends and shared a very amicable relationship. They have three children together, Violet (11), Seraphina (8) and Samuel (5) and have been committed to putting their children’s welfare first and successfully co-parenting. No doubt, his close-knit family and entire circle of loved ones have played a big role in keeping him on track for a complete recovery from his addiction. 

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